Girl Boss: Tips for the Perfect Headshot

Headshots are used for all manner of personal branding. From your LinkedIn, to your webpage and book cover, there's likely to come a time when you need one. We compiled a quick How-to guide to spark your inspiration on your next photoshoot.

First question: Who are you? Creative or Professional?

Think about who you are and who is the audience is. And remember you can always combine looks with layers, for a "combo" shoot.

Be willing to be on location

I know you've seen it, coffee shops are a very popular (and quite effective) backdrop for professional and creative photo shoots. Here the simple white button up shirt created an excellent compliment to the rich browns of our coffee shop environment.

Chose an environment that speaks to what you do.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, right? Well if so, then your headshot is a thousand word essay about YOU. When discussing the shoot with your photographer, share details about your work and passions, and ask for ideas on how to incorporate these elements.

Third pieces!

From a style and versatility perspective, I always advise my clients to rock a third piece. Third pieces are wardrobe elements that complete a look. It can be a sweater, blazer, vest, hat or statement jewelry. Third pieces can lend the personality you want to an otherwise professional headshot. A good guide for this is your workplace attire, what's the dress code in your office? Now add your go-to third piece, or have fun shopping for one.

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